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I/sub DD/ pulse response testing on analog and digital CMOS circuits
This paper presents a new method for detecting defect and fabrication variations in both digital and analog CMOS circuits by simultaneously pulsing the power supply rails and analyzing the temporalExpand
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Fuzzy and adaptive control simulations for a walking machine
The application of fuzzy logic and adaptive control algorithms to an eight-legged multivariable walking-machine system is described. A rule-based fuzzy control algorithm that eliminates the need forExpand
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Real time solution of Laplace equation using analog VLSI circuits
A chip to solve Laplace equation in real time using analog VLSI circuits is described. It uses MOS transistors in ohmic mode to simulate a two dimensional array of resistive cells that can beExpand
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Speeding populated board inspection: a new technology
The need for automated populated board inspection stems from the desire to reduce the number of defective board escapes, and to improve the yield of the production line. There are two main goals ofExpand
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