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When and how did the terrestrial mid-Permian mass extinction occur? Evidence from the tetrapod record of the Karoo Basin, South Africa
  • M. Day, J. Ramezani, B. Rubidge
  • Environmental Science, Geography
    Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological…
  • 22 July 2015
An extensive compilation of tetrapod-stratigraphic data analysed by the constrained optimization (CONOP) algorithm that reveals a significant extinction event among tetrapods within the lower Beaufort Group of the Karoo Basin, South Africa, in the latest Capitanian and supports the existence of a mid-Permian mass extinction event on land near the end of the Guadalupian.
Youngest dinocephalian fossils extend the Tapinocephalus Zone, Karoo Basin, South Africa
The dinocephalians (Synapsida, Therapsida) were one of the dominant tetrapod groups of the Middle Permian (Guadalupian Epoch, ~270–260 million years ago) and are most abundantly recorded in the
Advances in Nonmarine Karoo Biostratigraphy: Significance for Understanding Basin Development
The nonmarine Permo-Jurassic deposits of the Karoo Supergroup of South Africa have long been a world standard for tetrapod biostratigraphy. Recent and ongoing research is revising the palaeoflora and
Biostratigraphy of the Endothiodon Assemblage Zone (Beaufort Group, Karoo Supergroup), South Africa
The Endothiodon Assemblage Zone is the third oldest tetrapod biozone of the Beaufort Group (Adelaide Subgroup, Karoo Supergroup). It is situated between the underlying Tapinocephalus and overlying
Middle Permian continental biodiversity changes as reflected in the Beaufort Group of South Africa: a bio-and lithostratigraphic review of the Eodicynodon, Tapinocephalus and Pristerognathus
  • M. Day
  • Environmental Science, Geography
  • 4 March 2014
The fluvio-lacustrine rocks of the Beaufort Group, South Africa have long been known for their tetrapod fossil record, which is the richest and most complete Middle Permian to Middle Triassic record
A Reevaluation of Brachyprosopus broomi and Chelydontops altidentalis, Dicynodonts (Therapsida, Anomodontia) from the Middle Permian Tapinocephalus Assemblage Zone of the Karoo Basin, South Africa
ABSTRACT Brachyprosopus broomi was described in 1937 based on a specimen from the Tapinocephalus Assemblage Zone (Karoo Basin, South Africa), but it was largely overlooked by subsequent workers. We