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Maps of Dust Infrared Emission for Use in Estimation of Reddening and Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation Foregrounds
We present a full-sky 100 μm map that is a reprocessed composite of the COBE/DIRBE and IRAS/ISSA maps, with the zodiacal foreground and confirmed point sources removed. Before using the ISSA maps, weExpand
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A survey of galaxy redshifts. V. The two-point position and velocity correlations.
We describe the results of a study of the two-point correlations in the 14.5 m/sub B/ CfA redshift survey. We use the distance information provided by the redshifts to estimate the two-point spatialExpand
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The IRAS 1.2 Jy Survey: Redshift Data
We present the redshift data for a survey of galaxies selected from the data base of the Infrared Astronomical Satellite (IRAS). This survey extends the 1.936 Jy sample of Strauss et al. (1992) fromExpand
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Extrapolation of Galactic Dust Emission at 100 Microns to Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation Frequencies Using FIRAS
We present predicted full-sky maps of submillimeter and microwave emission from the diffuse interstellar dust in the Galaxy. These maps are extrapolated from the 100 μm emission and 100/240 μm fluxExpand
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A redshift survey of IRAS galaxies. VII - The infrared and redshift data for the 1.936 Jansky sample
We present the data for a redshift survey of galaxies selected from the database of the Infrared Astronomical Satellite (IRAS). The sample is flux limited to 1.936 Jy at 60 microns and covers 11.01Expand
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Deviations from the Local Hubble Flow. I. The Tip of the Red Giant Branch as a Distance Indicator
The properties of the velocity field in the local volume (cz < 550 km s-1) have been difficult to constrain because of a lack of a consistent set of galaxy distances. The sparse observationsExpand
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The DEEP2 Galaxy Redshift Survey: Color and Luminosity Dependence of Galaxy Clustering at z ~ 1
We present measurements of the color and luminosity dependence of galaxy clustering at -->z ~ 1 in the DEEP2 Galaxy Redshift Survey. Using volume-limited subsamples in bins of both color andExpand
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On the Origin of [O II] Emission in Red-Sequence and Poststarburst Galaxies
We investigate the emission-line properties of galaxies with red rest-frame colors (compared to the g - r color bimodality) using spectra from SDSS DR4. Emission lines are detected in more than halfExpand
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The formation of dark halos in a universe dominated by cold dark matter
Etude de la formation des halos galactiques dans un univers plat domine par de la matiere sombre froide en utilisant des simulations n-corps pour des regions cubiques de taille actuelle ∼14 Mpc et deExpand
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The DEEP2 Galaxy Redshift Survey: Evolution of Close Galaxy Pairs and Major-Merger Rates up to z ~ 1.2
We derive the close, kinematic pair fraction and merger rate up to redshift z ~ 1.2 from the initial data of the DEEP2 Redshift Survey. Assuming a mild luminosity evolution, the number of companionsExpand
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