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An Application Of Interference Microscopy To Integrated Circuit Inspection And Metrology
The results of recent research on synthetic electro-optic imaging using a Linnik interference microscope are presented. A new technique is used in which images are produced by calculating the degreeExpand
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Inverse scattering approach to SEM linewidth measurements
The inverse scattering approach presented here enables the calculation of estimates of top and bottom line width values, sidewall angle, corner rounding, the heights from top-down SEM images or lineExpand
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Model-based CD–SEM metrology at low and ultralow landing energies: implementation and results for advanced IC manufacturing
Critical Shape Metrology (CSM), a Critical Dimension Scanning Electron Microscope (CD-SEM)-based technique that extracts accurate feature shape information from images obtained during routine in-lineExpand
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Image sharpness measurement in scanning electron microscopy—part I
This study introduces the idea of the sharpness concept in relationship to the determination of scanning electron microscope (SEM) performance. Expand
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Comparison between rigorous light-scattering methods
In this paper four radically different methods for solving scattering of light off of mainly lameller grating type structures are compared. The methods are: (1) the analytic waveguide methodExpand
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A modal model for diffraction gratings
Abstract A description of an algorithm for a rather general modal grating calculation is presented. Arbitrary profiles, depth, and permittivity are allowed. Gratings built up from sub-gratings areExpand
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New low-voltage SEM technology for imaging and metrology of submicrometer contact holes and other high-aspect-ratio structures
In this work we present the results of a radically different approach to imaging of high-aspect ratio structures such as contact holes. Our approach utilizes two backscattered electron detectionExpand
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High-resolution optical metrology
Recent advances in optical imaging techniques have unveiled new possibilities for optical metrology and optical-based process control measurements of features in the 65 nm node and beyond. In thisExpand
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New method to enhance overlay tool performance
We have identified error sources that arise from (i) the optical cross talk between neighboring lines on an overlay target (ii) the selection of the window size used in auto-correlation and (iii) the portion of the intensity profile that is used in the overlay calculation (defined as a truncated profile). Expand
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