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Successful implementation of a low-cost method for enumerating CD4+ T lymphocytes in resource-limited settings: the ANRS 12–26 study
The ability of the alternative method to consistently classify results in agreement with FC, at thresholds of CD4 cell counts relevant for clinical care, was high and the implementation of this low-cost method was easy and successful in the West African context.
Hemoglobins in Togolese newborns: Hb S, Hb C, Hb Bart's, and alpha-globin gene status.
The gene frequency of the most important hemoglobin (Hb) abnormalities is reported in a population of 171 Togolese newborns. Hb phenotypes, hematological parameters, and the more frequently described
Hemoglobins in Togolese Newborns: Hb S, Hb C, Hb Bart's, and α‐Globin Gene Status
The gene frequency of the most important hemoglobin abnormalities is reported in a population of 171 Togolese newborns and several individuals with or without Hb Bart's were found; they did not differ from the others by their red blood cell (RBC) parameters but by their levels of fetal hemoglobin (Hb F).
Feasibility and acceptability of rapid HIV screening in a labour ward in Togo
HIV screening in a labour ward is the last opportunity to initiate an antiretroviral prophylaxis among pregnant women living with HIV to prevent mother‐to‐child HIV transmission. Little is known
Evaluation de la performance de huit tests de diagnostic de l'infection a VIH a Lomé (Togo)
Une etude d'evaluation de la performance de huit tests pour le diagnostic de l'infection a VIH/sida a ete realisee au Centre national de reference pour les tests VIH/SIDA/IST a Lome (Togo). Les tests
Prevalence of Hepatitis B among Students from the University of Lomé, Togo in 2015
This study among university students demonstrates that the prevalence of HBV is high among this population and that there is a need for prevention programs to target this vulnerable population.
[Evaluation of the Widal-Felix serodiagnostic test in Togo].
The gap between the specificity of the routine plate technique and laboratory analysis underscores the difficulty of performing and interpreting the Widal-Felix serodiagnostic test.
Widal test case study in Togo: Proposition for a rational use
The results of 200 patients seen in routine laboratories from November 2005 to April 2006 and the various hypotheses to explore were a serological scar of an old infection, a headed infection due to an early antibiotherapy, a cross reaction to Salmonella with another germ having a common antigen O.
Trends in HIV-2 Seroprevalence at the National Reference Center of HIV from 2005 to 2014 in Lome, Togo
Data from the National Reference Center for HIV Tests in Togo over the last ten years confirm the existence of a weak epidemic of HIV-1 and HIV-2 infection with a tendency towards stability.