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Acanthocephala from Northern India
(PLATE VII.) During a survey of the Kumaon Hills in May and June 1930, under the supervision of Dr. H. S. Pruthi, Assistant Superintendent, thre~ specimens (2 females and 1 male) of UrocissaExpand
An evaluation of nitrification retardation property of Citrullus colosynthis cake and its influence on yield and N uptake by wheat.
Citrullus colosynthis oilcake was tested as nitrification retarder under laboratory and greenhouse conditions. The same showed NH4-N conservation when applied at the rate of 5 and 10% by weight ofExpand
Behavioural pharmacology of the new antibiotic (MT81) in mice
Studies of behavioural pharmacology of the new antibiotic MT81 revealed that the antibiotic possesses some CNS depressant action with cataleptogenic activity, which enhances the sleeping time induced by pentobarbitone sodium and diazepam, in mice. Expand