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Defending Literal Meaning
The notion of literal meaning was once so unproblematic that it would easily fit Arnauld’s description: it was one of those notions that are “so clear that they cannot be explained through others,Expand
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2. Conversational relevance
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Transparency and doubt: Understanding and interpretation in pragmatics and in law
1. OVERVIEW In legal practice and often also in legal theory, issues of interpretation of a law, a precedent, and even an indictment and a sentence, loom large. Sometimes such issues hinge onExpand
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Language as a cognitive technology
Language can be viewed as a cognitive technology, employed by humans as a tool for the performance of certain cognitive tasks. Expand
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The impact of cognitive technologies: Towards a pragmatic approach
Technological advances have been an integral part of human development throughout history. Expand
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Interpretation and understanding
Our species has been hunting for meaning ever since we departed from our cousins in the evolutionary tree. We developed sophisticated forms of communication. Yet, as much as they can convey meaningExpand
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Pragmatics and the Philosophy of Mind: Vol. I: Thought in Language
This volume deals with the relation between pragmatics and the philosophy of mind. Unlike most of the books written on the subject, it does not defend the view that a specific form of dependenceExpand
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Dichotomies and types of debate
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