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High olfactory sensitivity for dimethyl sulphide in harbour seals
DMS-thresholds determined for both seals indicate that seals can detect ambient concentrations associated with high primary productivity, e.g. in the North Atlantic.
Der Vibrationssinn der Grillen
  • M. Dambach
  • Physics, Biology
    Journal of comparative physiology
  • 1 September 1972
Thresholds for sinusoidal vibrations were determined in freely-moving crickets by recording the summated responses from the leg nerves, suggesting, that resonances of the subgenual organ itself are important for the reception of vibrations.
Response of the cercus-to-giant interneuron system in crickets to species-specific song
With simultaneous recording from both sides of the abdominal nerve cord, synchronous or alternating discharges can be detected, correlated either with syllables or intervals, therefore allowing the transmission of the time patterns of calling song, rivalry song and even courtship song.
Proprioceptive feedback influences the calling song of the field cricket
It seems that ICC of tumors principally stimulates thymus-derived lymphocytes, although results were not significantly different, and this stimulation of the immune system by ICC has to be investigated intensively before ICC is applied in humans for therapy of solid tumors and metastases.
Giant rhabdomes in a specialized region of the compound eye of a cricket: Cycloptiloides canariensis (Insecta, Gryllidae)
The cricket Cycloptiloides canariensis (Gryllidae, Mogoplistinae) has compound eyes of the eucone apposition type that can be distinguished by the following characteristics: lack of dioptric apparatus, densely packed rhabdomes in approximately parallel orientation extending distally to the cornea and possessing a markedly increased cross-sectional area in comparison with those of normal ommatidia.
Wing-flick Signals in the Courtship of the African Cave Cricket, Phaeophilacris spectrum
A quantitative analysis of the cricket's behaviour showed that in terms of frequency and total duration, 'wing-flick series' and 'rocking' behaviour are the most prominent signals of the male's courtship display.
Aggregation Agents in German Cockroach Blattella germanica: Examination of Efficacy
With both of the test methods, feces extract and mix G proved to be very attractive, whereas the effects of blattellastanoside A were, if anything, very poor; possible reasons for discrepancies are discussed.
Processing wing flick-generated air-vortex signals in the African cave cricketPhaeophilacris spectrum
The male African cave cricket Phaeophilacris spectrum Saussure (Saltatoria: Gryllidae: Phalangopsinae) possesses tegmina (forewings) without any stridulatory organs. The articulation of these wings