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Rotor Flux-Barrier Design for Torque Ripple Reduction in Synchronous Reluctance and PM-Assisted Synchronous Reluctance Motors
The torque produced by a synchronous reluctance machine (including the permanent-magnet-assisted machine) is studied analytically, with the aim of pointing out the effect of the position of the fluxExpand
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Rotor flux-barrier design for torque ripple reduction in synchronous reluctance motors
The torque produced by a synchronous reluctance machine (including the PM assisted configuration) is studied analytically, to the aim of characterizing the effect of the position of the flux-barriers on the torque ripple. Expand
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Torque Harmonic Compensation in a Synchronous Reluctance Motor
The torque behavior of a synchronous reluctance motor [including the permanent magnet (PM) assisted configuration] is deeply analyzed, showing the dependence of the torque ripple on the rotor geometry. Expand
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Magnetic Loading of Fractional-Slot Three-Phase PM Motors With Nonoverlapped Coils
This paper deals with the magnetic analysis and design of fractional-slot permanent-magnet (PM) motors with nonoverlapped coils. Expand
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Post-fault operations of five-phase motor using a full-bridge inverter
This paper compares the post-fault current control strategies of a five-phase permanent magnet motor adopting a half-bridge and a full-bridge converter. The analysis covers both the open circuit ofExpand
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Geometry of line start synchronous motors suitable for various pole combinations
Line start synchronous motors (LSSM) have recently been introduced in the motor market to meet the new efficiency class requirements. They exhibit high efficiency and power factor compared withExpand
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Effective control of an Integrated Starter-Alternator with an IPM synchronous machine
This paper describes the control strategy of an integrated starter-alternator prototype. Expand
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