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Vibrational Raman spectroscopy of polyconjugated organic oligomers and polymers
New classes of polymers and oligomers whose backbone consists of a network of delocalized π electrons have recently been synthesized and show electrical and non-linear optical properties of greatExpand
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Raman and SERS investigation of isolated sp carbon chains
Abstract Carbon chains with sp hybridization and a known distribution of lengths have been studied by Raman and Surface Enhanced Raman Scattering (SERS). With the support of density functional theoryExpand
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Abstract The CO stretching frequencies of alkyl esters and polyesters are used as a probe to study the possible existence and the extent of dipole-dipole interactions between ester groups in theseExpand
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Solution Processed, Versatile Multilayered Structures for the Generation of Metal-Enhanced Fluorescence
We present an all-solution processed multilayered structure completely obtained via spin-coating, which can be used to study and optimize the phenomenon of metal-enhanced fluorescence. Indeed, theExpand
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Experimental vibrational contributions to molecular hyperpolarisabilities: methods and measurements☆
Abstract The aim of this paper is to give a simple but a complete guide to the experimental determination of vibrational molecular first and second hyperpolarisabilities from measurements of bandExpand
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Relationship between infrared and Raman intensities in molecules with polarized π electrons
Abstract A model is presented which allows to obtain a linear relationship between infrared and Raman intensity parameters of the strongest vibrational bands of push–pull conjugated molecules. TheExpand
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Experimental molecular hyperpolarizabilities from vibrational spectra in systems with large electron-phonon coupling
Abstract Experimental data are presented and discussed on the relaxation contribution (β r and γ r ) to first- and second-order molecular hyperpolarizabilities of classes of polyconjugated organicExpand
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Electronic and dynamical effects from the unusual features of the Raman spectra of oligo and polythiophenes
Abstract A comprehensive search for structure/property correlations in the Raman spectra of oligo and polythiophenes is carried out for many homologous series of oligothiophenes (approximately 50Expand
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New strategies for new organic molecules with large second order hyperpolarizabilities
Using data from computed observables of vibrational spectroscopy (frequency, infrared, Raman and hyper Raman intensities) we derive structural criteria necessary to design new organic conjugatedExpand
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