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Increasing carbon storage in intact African tropical forests
The response of terrestrial vegetation to a globally changing environment is central to predictions of future levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide. The role of tropical forests is critical becauseExpand
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On the definition of ecological species groups in tropical rain forests
The species richness of tropical rain forests creates difficulties for ecological analysis. It may usefully be simplified by defining ecological species groups whose members share characteristics ofExpand
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The dynamics of tree populations in tropical forest: a review
Published work on the dynamics of forest tree recruitment, growth and mortality in natural tropical forest is reviewed. In most forests studied, annual mortality is between 1% and 2% and isExpand
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Distribution and Ecology of Vascular Plants in a Tropical Rain Forest. Forest Vegetation in Ghana.
It is a privilege to be asked and a pleasurable duty for me to write the foreword of this book. The conservation and wise utilisation of the humid tropical forests, a unique biome, are matters ofExpand
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Drought-induced shifts in the floristic and functional composition of tropical forests in Ghana.
The future of tropical forests under global environmental change is uncertain, with biodiversity and carbon stocks at risk if precipitation regimes alter. Here, we assess changes in plant functionalExpand
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Use of hemispherical photographs in forest ecology: measurement of gap size and radiation totals in a Bornean tropical rain forest
Study of forest dynamics commonly requires measurement of canopy gap size. Hemi- spherical photographs can be analysed to provide various measures whereby gaps can be ranked in order of size. For tenExpand
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Tree population dynamics at Kade, Ghana (1968-1982)
Changes in two 1-ha samples of Moist Semi-deciduous forest at Kade, Ghana are described for 14 years from 1968 to 1982. Density of trees ≥10 cm dbh was 552 ± 13 ha −1 and the basal area was 30.85 ±Expand
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