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Duality of type-II 7-branes and 8-branes
We present a version of ten-dimensional IIA supergravity containing a 9-form potential for which the field equations are equivalent to those of the standard, massless, IIA theory for vanishingExpand
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Extended conformal supergravity
Abstract We present the complete structure of extended conformal supergravity for N ⩽4. The relation with the graded algebra SU(2, 2| N ) and with the multiplet of currents is discussed. The N = 4Expand
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The quartic effective action of the heterotic string
We present the supersymmetric quartic effective action for the heterotic string which follows from the supersymmetrization of the Yang-Mills and Lorentz Chern-Simons forms. This includes all bosonicExpand
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'Stringy' Newton-Cartan gravity
We construct a ‘stringy’ version of Newton–Cartan gravity in which the concept of a Galilean observer plays a central role. We present both the geodesic equations of motion for a fundamental stringExpand
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Potential and mass-matrix in gauged N = 4 supergravity
We discuss the potential and mass-matrix of gauged N = 4 matter coupled supergravity for the case of six matter multiplets, extending previous work by considering the dependence on all scalars. WeExpand
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Newtonian gravity and the Bargmann algebra
We show how the Newton-Cartan formulation of Newtonian gravity can be obtained from gauging the Bargmann algebra, i.e., the centrally extended Galilean algebra. In this gauging procedure severalExpand
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Supersymmetric Chern-Simons terms in ten dimensions
Abstract We construct a supersymmetric extension of the Lorentz and Yang-Mills Chern-Simons terms in ten dimensions. In terms of dimensionful parameters α(Lorentz) and β (Yang-Mills), we obtain theExpand
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Massive 3D supergravity
We construct the three-dimensional supergravity theory with cosmological, Einstein–Hilbert, Lorentz Chern–Simons, and general curvature squared terms. We determine the general supersymmetricExpand
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Ten-dimensional Maxwell-Einstein supergravity, its currents, and the issue of its auxiliary fields
The d = 10, N = 1 Yang-Mills system is coupled to d = 10, N = 1 supergravity in a locally scale-invariant way. An analysis of the currents agrees with the Noether coupling results and reveals theExpand
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D-branes and T duality
Abstract We show how the T-duality between D-branes is realized (i) on p-brane solutions (p = 0,…,9) of IIA IIB supergravity and (ii) on the D-brane actions (p = 0,…, 3) that act as source terms forExpand
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