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Additions to the "Annotated Checklist of non-marine Rotifers from African inland waters "
A list of papers, dealing with Rotifer investigations in A fric& inland waters, is brought together in order to complete our knowledge on the Rotifer fauna in the black continent and the surroundingExpand
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Some considerations on the geographical distribution of rotifers
AbstractIn the course of investigations on the systematics and zoogeography of rotifers, the author found that 48% of all taxa treated showed a limited distribution (most were periphytic or benthicExpand
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Wood anatomical features may be visible on the microscopic as well as on the macroscopic scale. While the former can often be quantified by detailed wood anatomical analyses, the latter are oftenExpand
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Tree-ring analysis of an African long-lived pioneer species as a tool for sustainable forest management
Abstract Improved forest management in the tropics is hampered by the limited availability of quantitative data, especially in tropical Africa. Important management parameters such as the minimumExpand
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Distribution of rotifers in African fresh and inland saline waters
The distribution of rotifers in African fresh and inland saline waters is discussed in the light of historical expeditions and modern limnological research. Number of papers published and number ofExpand
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Land cover dynamics in the Simien Mountains (Ethiopia), half a century after establishment of the National Park
The Simien Mountains house several endangered and endemic wildlife species and provide important ecosystem services. Despite its regional environmental importance, the Simien Mountains are listed asExpand
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Contributions to the knowledge of African Rotifers I. Rotifers from Senegal
Abstract24 plankton samples, collected in different parts of the Republic of Senegal (W. Africa) were examined for their rotifer content. Seventy taxa were identified to species level, some of whichExpand
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Rotifers from Turkey
Seventy-eight rotifer species are reported from 19 localities in Turkey. About half are first records for that country. Some interesting species are illustrated and the composition of the regionalExpand
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Tree line dynamics in the tropical African highlands – identifying drivers and dynamics
Questions What are the potential drivers of tree line change in the tropical African highlands? Are the temperature-sensitive tree lines in these highlands shifting as a result of climate change?Expand
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