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Temporal and spatial overlap between monarch larvae and corn pollen
To assess the likelihood that monarch larvae will be exposed to Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) pollen, we studied milkweed and monarch densities in habitats which comprise much of the land available toExpand
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Temporal and geographical variation in monarch densities: Citizen scientists document monarch population patterns
timing of autumn monarch migrations (Walton and Brower 1996; Calvert and Wagner 1999); the Journey North program monitors the timing of the spring migration (Donnelly 1999; Howard and Davis, thisExpand
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4 Natural Enemies and Survival of Monarch Eggs and Larvae
invertebrate predator so far observed to attack overwintering adult monarchs (Leong et al. 1990). Additional observations have been made of natural enemies of adult monarchs during the breedingExpand
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Citizen Science: Creating a Research Army for Conservation
American Entomologist • Volume 54, Number 2 What is Citizen Science? Citizen science projects involve people who are not professional scientists in scientific research. Most projects involveExpand
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Large-scale monitoring of larval monarch populations and milkweed habitat in North America
A large-scale monitor ing project was developed f or deter mining the distr ibution and abundance of lar val monarch populations during the br eeding season in Nor th America. This program has aExpand
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Recruitment and Building the Team
Virginia Master Naturalist
Virginia Master Naturalist, Basic Training Course, Botany
SIX. Recruitment and Building the Team