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Sobre El Beneficio de La Integracion Plena En El Mercosur
Este libro se ha concentrado en analizar las fronteras menos visibles que afectan a la libre circulacion de bienes dentro del MERCOSUR. Algunas de ellas son fronteras fisicas, como las relacionadasExpand
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Non Tariff Barriers to Trade in Mercosur: Focusing Brazilian Exports of Steel Products
The main aim of this paper is to identify and to analyze the presence of Non Tariff Barriers (NTBs) imposed to Brazilian exports of steel products by Mercosur's member countries. The NTBs wereExpand
Liberalizing International Trade in Services: The Case of Mercosur
The primary objective of this paper is to measure how much Mercosur's member countries are open to international trade in services. Usually, barriers to trade in services are found under domesticExpand
Trade Liberalization and the Use of Imported Inputs in Brazil: 1990/95
In 1994, the Brazilian government launched a stabilization program based on a dollar-peg exchange rate regime. In January 1999, that regime was abandoned; the result was an exchange rate devaluationExpand
Inflation and Price Dispersion: Evidence from the Brazilian Stabilization Program
The paper considers the question of information imperfections. The aim is to prove the hypothesis that economic agents make decisions based on imperfect information. In order to do so, it usesExpand