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The Empirical Development of an Instrument to Measure Writing Apprehension.
tinuing research project which is looking at the interrelation between attitudes, particularly apprehension about writing, and various other outcomes. Fear of writing may not only produce less adeptExpand
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Apprehension of Writing as a Predictor of Message Intensity.
The present study sought to determine the effects of writing apprehension on message encoding strategies. Ninety-eight undergraduate students completed measures of language intensity and writingExpand
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Further Studies on Writing Apprehension: SAT Scores, Success Expectations, Willingness to Take Advanced Courses, and Sex Differences.
In the preceding paper, we suggested that a construct we termed "writing apprehension" might have powerful effects on individuals' attitudes towards, and behavior in, writing courses. This follow-upExpand
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FLOG: A system to select ‘quasi-flexible’ ligands complementary to a receptor of known three-dimensional structure
We present a system, FLOG (Flexible Ligands Oriented on Grid), that searches a database of 3D coordinates to find molecules complementary to a macromolecular receptor of known 3D structure. Expand
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Comparison of methodologies for mitigating coordinate transformation bias in target tracking
This paper compares alternative approaches for mitigating the bias induced in the transformation of the target position measurements from sensor range-azimuth-elevation angle coordinates to Cartesian x-y-z coordinates. Expand
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Fractures of the atlas vertebra
In a series of 400 patients with fractures and dislocations of the cervical spine, 5% involved the atlas. There are nearly equal numbers of fractures of the posterior arch, bursting fractures ofExpand
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Theoretical IR spectra of ionized naphthalene.
We report the results of a theoretical study of the effect of ionization on the IR spectrum of naphthalene, using ab initio molecular orbital theory. For that purpose we determined the structures,Expand
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Theoretical infrared spectra of some model polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons: effect of ionization.
In order to test the hypothesis of ionized polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) as possible carriers of the UIR bands, we realized a computational exploration on selected PAHs of small dimensionExpand
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Measuring Technological Change in Jet Fighter Aircraft.
Abstract : This report develops technique to characterize level of and change in jet fighter air vehicle technology. It complements other methods used to assess technological risks of new fighterExpand
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