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Assessment of the metal pollution, potential toxicity and speciation of sediment from Algeciras Bay (South of Spain) using chemometric tools.
Principal component, cluster and ANOVA analyses were performed in order to assess the sources of metals and the influence of seasonality and anthropogenic activities on the sediment quality. Expand
Bioavailability of heavy metals monitoring water, sediments and fish species from a polluted estuary.
High Cu and Zn levels were observed in liver tissue of both species, in according with higher total content and more available metals in water and sediment, and the effect of this pollution was studied by evaluation of metal bioaccumulations. Expand
Using chemometric tools to assess anthropogenic effects in river water. A case study: Guadalquivir River (Spain)
Abstract The Guadalquivir River is the major water source of the south of Spain. In this work, we have selected an area, about 115 km long, from Alcala del Rio to the mouth of the river, to study theExpand
Biomarkers responses in muscle of Senegal sole (Solea senegalensis) from a heavy metals and PAHs polluted estuary.
Significant differences in muscle activities of AChE and IDH in Odiel and Tinto Rivers compared to control fish are demonstrated and significant correlations were established between some biomarkers and heavy metals. Expand
EROD activity and cytochrome P4501A induction in liver and gills of Senegal sole Solea senegalensis from a polluted Huelva estuary (SW Spain).
The utility of EROD activity and CYP1A induction measurement as biomarkers for use by aquatic toxicologists are substantiated and catalytic assays and immunohistochemical assays appear to be sensitive to different kinds of pollutants being the use of both methods recommended for monitoring programs. Expand
Selective Chemosensor for Copper Ions Based on Fluorescence Quenching of a Schiff-Base Fluorophore
The results of this investigation show a simple, rapid, low-cost, and selective method that can operate in neutral solutions and is useful for biological and environmental applications. Expand
Applicability of a liquid membrane in enrichment and determination of nickel traces from natural waters
The carrier-mediated transport was accomplished by pyridine-2-acetaldehyde benzoylhydrazone dissolved in toluene as a complexing agent and the preconcentration was achieved through pH control of source and receiving solutions via a counterflow of protons. Expand
Water quality in the tropical Andes hotspot: The Yacuambi river (southeastern Ecuador).
The water quality in the Yacuambi river was good and medium according to the classification of the Water Quality Index, however, it was unsuitable for human consumption, preservation of aquatic life and irrigation according to Ecuadorian and North American standards. Expand
Histopathological alterations in Senegal sole, Solea Senegalensis, from a polluted Huelva estuary (SW, Spain)
The histopathological studies revealed seasonal and spatial differences in the lesion grade of alterations observing the highest lesion grades in fish from Odiel River and autumn season, and calculated IPAT demonstrated a low–moderate impact of pollutants on health fish. Expand