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Air pollution and emergency admissions for cardiorespiratory diseases in Lisbon (Portugal)
Daily records of hospital admissions due to cardiorespiratory diseases and levels of PM10, SO2, CO, NO, NO2, and O3 were collected from 1999-2004 to evaluate the relationship between air pollutionExpand
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The Aethalometer calibration and determination of iron concentration in dust aerosols
This paper shows the use of the instrumental neutron activation analysis (INAA) technique to calibrate Aethalometer instruments’ response to iron oxides present in Saharan dust aerosol. The fiveExpand
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Children exposure to atmospheric particles in indoor of Lisbon primary schools
Evidence continues to emerge showing that poor Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) can cause illness requiring absence from schools, and can cause acute health symptoms that decrease students’ performance.Expand
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Children Exposure to Air Particulate Matter in the Indoor of Lisbon Primary Schools
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Trace-Element Enrichment in Epiphytic Lichens and Tree Bark at Pico Island, Azores, Portugal
Abstract The Azores archipelago (nine islands) stretches across a sizable longitude span and sits directly on the pathway of long-range transport for airborne species over the North Atlantic Ocean.Expand
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Characterization of selenium-enriched wheat by agronomic biofortification
Agronomic biofortification of staple crops is an effective way to enhance their contents in essential nutrients up the food chain, with a view to correcting for their deficiencies in animal or humanExpand
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Bioaccumulation of Cobalt in Parmelia sulcata
Six locations across mainland Portugal were selected for exposing Parmelia sulcata, for a one-year period (8 months for one site), with simultaneous measurement of total (dry + wet) depositionExpand
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Investigating tree bark as an air-pollution biomonitor by means of neutron activation analysis
The olive tree (Olea europaea) is an icon of southern Europe and awidespread evergreen in mainland Portugal. First results of a continuing studyon the ability of olive-tree bark to act as anExpand
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Particulate matter analysis in indoor environments of urban and rural primary schools using passive sampling methodology
Abstract Passive sampling methodology was applied to collect particulate matter (PM) in classrooms of urban and rural primary schools. The samples were taken during a year by passive depositionExpand
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Nutrients and other elements in honey from Azores and mainland Portugal
SummaryThe present study aims the identification and quantification of trace elements in samples of honey from the Azores and the Portuguese mainland. Elemental concentrations were determined for Al,Expand
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