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Stimulation of soil organic nitrogen pool: The effect of plant and soil organic matter degrading enzymes
The majority of nitrogen (N) in boreal forest soils is bound to soil organic matter (SOM) in forms not readily available to plants. Northern boreal forest ecosystems are often N limited, despiteExpand
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Calakmul: New Data from an Ancient Maya Capital in Campeche, Mexico
In this paper we summarize more than a decade of interdisciplinary work at Calakmul, including (1) the mapping project, which has covered more than 30 km 2 ; (2) the excavation project, which hasExpand
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Maya Lowlands climate researchers have set aside earlier beliefs that Maya civilization flourished in an unchanging environment. Analyses of river discharge, weather patterns, lake-bottom sediments,Expand
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Cutaneous vasculitis associated with propylthiouracil therapy.
Cutaneous vasculitis is an uncommon complication of propylthiouracil therapy. Its pathogenesis has been related to the presence of circulating immune complexes. The lesions may be purpuric or bullousExpand
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Ceramic Traditions in the Calakmul Region: An Indicator of the Movement of Ideas or Populations?
The study of ceramic materials has proven to be an important indicator when dealing with trade patterns and the presence and flow of population groups in different regions of the Maya area asExpand
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Oxpemul, Campeche: un acercamiento a la temporalidad de su asentamiento
Recent excavations in 20 stratigraphic wells within an area of 9 squared kilometers surrounding the main groups in the Prehispanic site of Oxpemul (Peten) have revealed some important data concerningExpand
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8 Calakmul: Agent Risk and Sustainability in the Western Maya Lowlands
Great attention has been focused on the southern trade routes across the Yucatan Peninsula through Tikal but little to the potential for crossing through Calakmul further to the north. This chapterExpand
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