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Nationalism And Archaeology In Europe
Nationalism and Archaeology in Europe: An Introduction (Margarita Daz-Andreu and Timothy Champion. ) The Fall of a Nation, the Birth of a Subject: The National Use of Archaeology inExpand
A world history of nineteenth-century archaeology : nationalism, colonialism, and the past.
Margarita Diaz-Andreu offers an innovative history of archaeology during the nineteenth century, encompassing all its fields from the origins of humanity to the medieval period, and all areas of theExpand
Towards three-dimensional non-invasive recording of incised rock art
Ancient art cut into rock is difficult to research and manage off-site without precise three-dimensional records. Experiments with photographic modelling by the authors led to a relatively accessibleExpand
Theory and ideology in archaeology: Spanish archaeology under the Franco régime
Archaeology is notoriously vulnerable to the ideological pressures of authoritarian regimes. This paper charts the political influences that shaped archaeology in Spain for some 40 years. FollowingExpand
Christopher Hawkes: his archive and networks in British and European archaeology
Abstract This paper reviews the contribution of Professor Christopher Hawkes, FSA, to the development of Bronze and Iron Age studies in the decades before and – more especially – after World War ii.Expand
Internationalism in the invisible college
This article analyses the effect that ideology may have in the relationships established between archaeologists of opposing political persuasions. It is argued that modern historiographers’Expand
The Archaeology of Identity: Approaches to Gender, Age, Status, Ethnicity and Religion
List of Figures Acknowledgements. 1. Introduction Margarita Diaz-Andreu and Sam Lucy 2. Gender identity Margarita Diaz-Andreu 3. The Archaeology of Age Sam Lucy 4. Status Identity and ArchaeologyExpand
3D Laser Scanning For Recording and Monitoring Rock Art Erosion
This article focuses on the results obtained from the laser scanning recording of the Horseshoe site in Northumberland and the stone 105 in Rombalds Moor (Yorkshire). These recordings were result ofExpand