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Sensitivity enhancement in the TROSY experiment.
A modification of the TROSY experiment which allows for sensitivity enhancement without introduction of additional delays is presented. The method relies on the combination of two orthogonal pathwaysExpand
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Systematic Errors Associated with the CPMG Pulse Sequence and Their Effect on Motional Analysis of Biomolecules
Abstract A theoretical approach to calculate the time evolution of magnetization during a CPMG pulse sequence of arbitrary parameter settings is developed and verified by experiment. The analysisExpand
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Solution structure and backbone dynamics of an antigen-free heavy chain variable domain (VHH) from Llama.
Camelids, (dromedaries, camels, and llamas) produce heavy-chains antibodies, with their antigen recognition sites composed of a single VH-like domain, referred to as VHH. The solution structure ofExpand
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Selection of Simultaneous Coherence Pathways with Gradient Pulses
Abstract A simple modification of a refocused INEPT sequence is described that produces single lines from multiplets of the heteronuclear coupled spin systems. Weighted selection of more than oneExpand
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Sensitivity gain by simultaneous acquisition of two coherence pathways: the HNCA(+) experiment.
In most multidimensional nuclear magnetic resonance experiments a single and distinct coherence transfer pathway is selected by phase cycling or by pulsed field gradients. It was shown thatExpand
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Novel Acquisition Scheme for Diffusion Kurtosis Imaging Based on Compressed-Sensing Accelerated DSI Yielding Superior Image Quality
quality Tim Sprenger, Jonathan I. Sperl, Brice Fernandez, Vladimir Golkov, Ek Tsoon Tan, Christopher Hardy, Luca Marinelli, Michael Czisch, Philipp Saemann, Axel Haase, and Marion I. Menzel GE GlobalExpand