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Discrete event simulation of stochastic and deterministic sequential machine models
This paper presents and proves the correctness of novel techniques for the mathematical verification of simulation models against sequential machine specifications. Expand
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CSP II—a universal computer architecture simulation system for performance evaluation
CSP II is a system through which computers can be quickly and flexibly simulated at the functional level, combining the accuracy of a detailed simulation with the simplicity of a high-levelExpand
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A formal program model for discrete event simulation and its use in the verification and validation of system models and implementations.
The use of simulation is system design is hampered by the problem of verifying that the simulation program and the model it exemplifies properly represent the system being simulated. ProvingExpand
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The thermoelectric behaviour of disordered systems
Abstract A very general approach is used to derive formulae for the thermopower and the electronic thermal conductivity in terms of the electrical conductivity taken as a function of energyExpand
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THERMAL CONDUCTIVITY OF REACTOR MATERIALS. Second Quartelry Report for the Period April 1, 1960 through June 30, 1960
Experimental work during the quarter was devoted to development of the pulse decay method which has proceeded to the point where the electronic apparatus is functioning snd measurements were made onExpand
Pseudogap of liquid Tl 2 Te
Analysis of experimental curves for the electrical conductivity $\ensuremath{\sigma}$ and thermopower $S$ of ${\mathrm{Tl}}_{x}{\mathrm{Te}}_{1\ensuremath{-}x}$ alloys near the compositionExpand
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