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Electronic Transport in Semimetallic Cerium Sulfide
The electrical resistivity $\ensuremath{\rho}$ and Seebeck coefficient $S$ have been measured between 10 and 1000\ifmmode^\circ\else\textdegree\fi{}K inExpand
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Forward Characteristic of Germanium Point Contact Rectifiers
A quantitative discussion of the forward characteristic is given for point contact rectifiers. It shows that the theoretical value of d lnI/dV in the exponential region is nearly q/kT, and that theExpand
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Measurement of the Lifetime of Minority Carriers in Germanium
Two methods are described for the measurement of lifetime of minority carriers. One depends on pulse injection of carriers in a filament and detection, after a known time, at a collector. The secondExpand
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ACTH in Stevens-Johnson syndrome (erythema multiforme exudativum).
  • M. Cutler
  • Medicine
  • American practitioner and digest of treatment
  • 1 August 1954
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Surface Leakage Current in Rectifiers
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Conservative radical mastectomy.
  • M. Cutler
  • Medicine
  • The Journal of the International College of…
  • 1 December 1965
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Seasonal variation in pH and alkalinity and recruitment of sunfish populations
SUMMARY 1  In a study of five ponds sensitive to acid precipitation, we document seasonal acidification profiles and assess the impact of short-term acid pulses on the reproductive success ofExpand
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Bond equilibrium theory in covalent alloys molecular cluster constituents in binary alloys containing network-forming atoms
Abstract A statistical mechanical theory which takes into account the effect of the polymeric structure on bond equilibrium has been extended to allow molecular clusters as well as single atoms to beExpand
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