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Industry Platforms and Ecosystem Innovation
This paper brings together the recent literature on industry platforms and shows how it relates to managing innovation within and outside the firm as well as to dealing with technological and marketExpand
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Platform Leadership How Intel, Microsoft, and Cisco Drive Industry Innovation
As high-tech industries become increasingly modular and interconnected--and the ability to innovate becomes the purview of just about anyone--the most successful companies are those that orchestrateExpand
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How Companies Become Platform Leaders
An industry platform involves not only one company's technology or service but also an ecosystem of complements to it that are usually produced by a variety of businesses. As a result, becoming aExpand
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Strategic maneuvering and mass-market dynamics : the triumph of VHS over Beta
This article deals with the diffusion and standardization rivalry between two similar but incompatible formats for home videocassette recorders (VCRs): the Betamax, introduced in 1975 by the SonyExpand
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Technology strategy and managementThe evolution of platform thinking
How platform adoption can be an important determinant of product and technological success. Expand
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Services, Industry Evolution and the Competitive Strategies of Product Firms
Services of different types have become increasingly important for product firms. While these firms mainly focus on products, managers and researchers lack a comprehensive framework to understandExpand
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Cloud computing and SaaS as new computing platforms
To become an industry platform, vendors must open their infrastructure technology to other product companies. Expand
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Supplier relations and management: A survey of Japanese, Japanese-transplant, and U. S. auto plants
This article presents the results of a questionnaire survey sent to a sample of automobile manufacturers in the United States and Japan (including Japanese-managed plants in the United States) duringExpand
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An Empirical Study of Manufacturing Flexibility in Printed Circuit Board Assembly
This paper addresses the empirical verification of hypotheses that relate to the strategic use and implementation of manufacturing flexibility in manufacturing using data from 31 printed circuit-board plants. Expand
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The Business of Software: What Every Manager, Programmer, and Entrepreneur Must Know to Thrive and Survive in Good Times and Bad
Contents Acknowledgments Preface 1: The Business of Software: A Personal View 2: Strategy for Software Companies: What to Think About 3: Services, Products, and More Services: How Software Became aExpand
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