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Interictal spikes in focal epileptogenesis
Interictal electroencephalography (EEG) potentials in focal epilepsies are sustained by synchronous paroxysmal membrane depolarization generated by assemblies of hyperexcitable neurons. It isExpand
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Neurosphere-Derived Cells Exert a Neuroprotective Action by Changing the Ischemic Microenvironment
Background Neurosphere-derived cells (NC), containing neural stem cells, various progenitors and more differentiated cells, were obtained from newborn C57/BL6 mice and infused in a murine model ofExpand
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The rhinal cortices: a wall of inhibition between the neocortex and the hippocampus
Anatomical data indicate that the parahippocampal region, comprised of the perirhinal (PRC), postrhinal (POR) and entorhinal (ERC) cortices, is an essential link between neocortex and hippocampus.Expand
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GABAergic synchronization in the limbic system and its role in the generation of epileptiform activity
GABA is the main inhibitory neurotransmitter in the adult forebrain, where it activates ionotropic type A and metabotropic type B receptors. Early studies have shown that GABA(A) receptor-mediatedExpand
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The Isolated and Perfused Brain of the Guinea‐pig In Vitro
We describe here an isolated and perfused in vitro adult guinea‐pig whole brain preparation which is an extension of the previously described in vitro brainstem–cerebellum preparation, Viability wasExpand
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Cellular mechanisms underlying spontaneous interictal spikes in an acute model of focal cortical epileptogenesis
The cellular mechanisms involved in the generation of spontaneous epileptiform potentials were investigated in the pirifom cortex of the in vitro isolated guinea-pig brain. A single, unilateralExpand
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Persistent Excitability Changes in the Piriform Cortex of the Isolated Guinea‐pig Brain after Transient Exposure to Bicuculline
The development of long‐lasting excitability changes after a single intracerebral injection1 of bicuculline (1 mM) in a restricted region of the anterior piriform cortex was studied by means ofExpand
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Stimulus‐evoked potentials contribute to map the epileptogenic zone during stereo‐EEG presurgical monitoring
Presurgical monitoring with intracerebral electrodes in patients with drug‐resistant focal epilepsy represents a standard invasive procedure to localize the sites of seizures origin, defined as theExpand
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The role of the thalamus in vigilance and epileptogenic mechanisms
OBJECTIVES The most relevant results of studies on the anatomo-physiological substrate of the thalamic rhythmogenic mechanisms responsible for sleep spindles and spike-wave discharges are reviewed.Expand
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Biophysical and pharmacological diversity of high‐voltage‐activated calcium currents in layer II neurones of guinea‐pig piriform cortex
1 High‐voltage‐activated calcium currents were studied with the whole‐cell, patch‐clamp technique in acutely dissociated pyramidal neurones from guinea‐pig piriform cortex layer II. Barium ions wereExpand
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