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Weed diversity in cottage building material used in 19th century: past and present of the plant occurence.
Desiccated seeds were used in order to evaluate qualitatively and quantitatively the weed vegetation present in traditional Central-European agricultural landscape of the second half of the 19th
Recent vegetation history of the North Adriatic grasslands: Expansion and decay of an anthropogenic habitat
A summary pollen diagram and old cartographic materials were used to reconstruct the recent vegetation history and trends of temporal dynamics of the North Adriatic Karst grasslands. Before the Roman
The Middle Paleolithic from Mujina Pećina, Dalmatia, Croatia
Abstract Mujina Pećina in Dalmatia, Croatia is the only systematically excavated and well-dated Middle Paleolithic cave site in the eastern Adriatic. Its stratigraphic sequence covers the period
Palaeobotany in Slovene Archaeology
This article presents various botanical disciplines that can contribute to the recognition of palaeoeconomic and palaeoecologic conditions within a certain archaeological environment and time. A
Analysis of the content of hearths from the Mousterian site Divje babe I (Slovenia). Scales and dermal plates of lower vertebrates, charcoal and fossilized wood
Vsebino treh musterjenskih ognjisc iz jamskega najdisca Divje babe I, datiranih v OIS 3, smo natancno pregledali, potem ko smo pripadajoce sedimente sprali in presejali na sitih. Nasli smo 2 ribji
Črešnja pri Bistri, a newly discovered pile-dwelling settlement in the Ljubljansko barje
The results are presented of interdisciplinary research at the newly discovered pile-dwelling settlement of Cresnja pri Bistri in the Ljubljansko barje (the Ljubljana Moor), dated approximately to
Anthracological Analysis of Samples from Four Sites with Smelting Activity Around Virje and Hlebine
This contribution summarises the results of anthracological analyses conducted on the remains of charcoal from workshop and residential areas extracted during small-scale excavations at four sites