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Positive psychology. An introduction.
The authors outline a framework for a science of positive psychology, point to gaps in the authors' knowledge, and predict that the next century will see a science and profession that will come to understand and build the factors that allow individuals, communities, and societies to flourish. Expand
Beyond boredom and anxiety
Preface to the 25th Anniversary Edition. Acknowledgements to the First Edition. Enjoyment and Intrinsic Motivation. Rewards of Autotelic Activities. Structure of Autotelic Activities. A TheoreticalExpand
Creativity: Flow and the Psychology of Discovery and Invention
Creativity is about capturing those moments that make life worth living. The author's objective is to offer an understanding of what leads to these moments, be it the excitement of the artist at theExpand
Finding Flow: The Psychology of Engagement with Everyday Life
The Structures of Everyday Life The Content of Experience How We Feel When Doing Different Things The Paradox of Work The Risks and Opportunities of Leisure Relationships and the Quality of LifeExpand
Validity and Reliability of the Experience‐Sampling Method
Evidence for its short-and long-term reliability when used as an instrument for assessing the variables outlined above is presented and correlation between ESM measures on the one hand and physiological measures, one-time psychological tests, and behavioral indices are presented. Expand
The Concept of Flow
What constitutes a good life? Few questions are of more fundamental importance to a positive psychology. Flow research has yielded one answer, providing an understanding of experiences during whichExpand
Experience Sampling Method: Measuring the Quality of Everyday Life
List of Tables and Figures Acknowledgments Part I: The Origins of ESM Chapter 1: Epistemological Foundations for the Measurement of Experience A Systematic Phenomenology The Experience SamplingExpand
Implications of a Systems Perspective for the Study of Creativity
Psychologists tend to see creativity exclusively as a mental process. In this chapter, I will propose that such an approach cannot do justice to the phenomenon of creativity, which is as much aExpand
Optimal experience: Psychological studies of flow in consciousness.
Part I. A Theoretical Model of Optimal Experience: 1. Introduction Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi 2. The flow experience and its significance for human psychology Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi 3. SociologicalExpand