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Invertebrate prey activity varies along the tidal cycle and depends on sediment drainage: Consequences for the foraging behaviour of waders
The influence of prey activity on the use of intertidal flats by foraging waders is largely unknown. Due to differences in sediment drainage some flats remain covered by a layer of water during muchExpand
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Precipitation of highly charged polyelectrolyte solutions in the presence of multivalent salts
Solutions of highly charged polyelectrolyte chains are described by a model that introduces ion condensation as a random charge along the polymer. The degree of condensation is obtained by solvingExpand
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Molecular theory of weak polyelectrolyte thin films
In this work, we extend the recently developed Molecular Theory of Weak Polyelectrolyte Gels to study hydrogel films. This approach explicitly accounts for all of the physicochemical interactionsExpand
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Electrostatic-Driven Ridge Formation on Nanoparticles Coated with Charged End-Group Ligands
Using coarse-grained molecular dynamics simulations, we investigate the surface patterns of charged end-group ligands attached to faceted nanoparticles. A competition between electrostatic repulsionExpand
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Molecular Theory of Weak Polyelectrolyte Gels: The Role of pH and Salt Concentration
We develop a detailed molecular theory that describes the response of weak polyelectrolyte gels to changes in both the pH and salt concentration, c, of the solution. This approach includes specificExpand
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Ion condensation in salt‐free dilute polyelectrolyte solutions
We study ion condensation in salt‐free dilute solutions of polyelectrolyte chains of different fractal geometries, from random walks to rigid rods. In finite size chains with a discrete chargeExpand
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Complexation of Oppositely Charged Polyelectrolytes: Effect of Ion Pair Formation
Complexation in symmetric solutions of oppositely charged polyelectrolytes is studied theoretically. We include polyion cross-linking due to formation of thermoreversible ionic pairs. TheExpand
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Microphase separation in multiblock copolymer melts
The microphase separation transition for asymmetric triblock and (A–B)m star copolymer melts is investigated following a mean‐field approach proposed by Leibler for diblock copolymer melts.Expand
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Phase Separation of Ternary Mixtures: Symmetric Polymer Blends
The dynamics of phase separation of ternary mixtures into two and three phases are analyzed numerically by solving the nonlinear spinodal decomposition equations in two dimensions. We findExpand
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Adsorption of rod-like polyelectrolytes onto weakly charged surfaces
We study the adsorption of strongly charged rod-like polyelectrolytes onto weakly oppositely charged surfaces in salt solutions by equating the chemical potentials between the bulk and adsorbedExpand
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