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Margins and Mainstreams: Asians in American History and Culture.
PrefaceWhen and Where I Enter?Is Yellow Black or White?Recentering WomenFamily Album historyPerils of the Body and MindMargin as MainstreamBibliographyIndex
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Consuming rural Japan : The marketing of tradition and nostalgia in the Japanese travel industry
The Japanase travel and tourism industries reflect contradictions between goals to internationalize and fears about vanishing Japanese cultural traditions. This article discusses the nostalgiaExpand
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Japanese Surfing the Korean Wave: Drama Tourism, Nationalism, and Gender Via Ethnic Eroticisms
The Korean Wave, brought on by the popularity of serialized Korean drama Winter Sonata, ooded Japan from 2004 on. At the popular level, it initiated a generally positive shift in attitudes towardExpand
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‘Sweet Love’ and Women's Place: Valentine's Day, Japan Style
Au Japon, suite a une erreur d'interpretation, le chocolat est devenu le present de la femme a l'homme a la Saint Valentin, jour ou la femme beneficie d'une certaine liberte d'action bien que l'ideeExpand
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Pre-industrial dreaming in post-industrial Japan: Department stores and the commoditization of community traditions
This essay explores ways large retailers create pre-industrial communal imagery through advertising, service rituals and special events. The discussion of 'community' as a consumer commodity isExpand
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