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Spycatcher’s little sister: the Thatcher government and the Panorama affair, 1980–1981
  • M. Craig
  • Political Science
  • 19 September 2017
Abstract This article investigates the Thatcher government’s attempts to suppress or censor reporting on secret intelligence issues in the early 1980s. It examines official reactions to a BBCExpand
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“No hope of preventing proliferation” From the Indian Nuclear Test to the Politics of Limited Choice, May 1974 to December 1975
Despite the dramatic Indian nuclear test of May 18, 1974, during 1974 and 1975, Britain and America did little to persuade Pakistan not to follow its neighbour down the nuclear path. Lack ofExpand
“We do find this statement of intentions to be disquieting” The US-UK Diplomatic Campaign Against Pakistan, March 1978 to December 1978
This chapter examines the period from March to December 1978, and interrogates the formation of a strong US-UK alliance to prevent Pakistan acquiring a nuclear capability. While Pakistan was pursuingExpand
United Kingdom, the United States and nuclear proliferation in South Asia: the case of Pakistan, 1974-1980
  • M. Craig
  • Political Science
  • 26 November 2014
This thesis is a history of American and British efforts to halt or retard the Pakistani nuclear weapons programme. It assesses US and UK non-proliferation policy towards Pakistan from the IndianExpand
‘Nuclear Sword of the Moslem World’?: the United States, Britain, Pakistan, and the ‘Islamic Bomb’, 1977–80
  • M. Craig
  • Political Science
  • 6 February 2016
ABSTRACT There exists today considerable fear of nuclear proliferation across the ‘Islamic world.’ Despite this, an issue that - in part - set the tone for contemporary debates has largely goneExpand
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“Peanuts” The Cold War, Khan, Islam, and the Death of Non-proliferation, January 1980 to January 1981
This final substantive chapter assesses the impact of the Soviet intervention in Afghanistan on non-proliferation policy. It explains how the policies of America and Britain underwent further change,Expand