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Fine-scale spatial genetic structure of a liverwort (Barbilophozia attenuata) within a network of ant trails
Fine-scale spatial genetic structure (SGS) of the liverwort, Barbilophozia attenuata, occupying an area characterized by a network of ant trails, was investigated using microsatellite markers. ThisExpand
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Relative importance of thinned and clear-cut stands for bryophyte diversity on stumps
The interest in harvesting logging residues in the form of stumps has recently increased markedly in the Nordic countries of Europe due to the steadily growing market for bio-fuel from forestry. Yet,Expand
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DNA barcoding: a tool for improved taxon identification and detection of species diversity
Recently it was decided that portions of rbcL and matK gene regions are approved and required standard barcode regions for land plants. Ideally, DNA barcoding can provide a fast and reliable way toExpand
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Phenotypic and genetic variation in natural populations of Festuca rubra s.l. in Europe
ABSTRACT Background: Phenotypic variation within species challenges the identification of meaningful taxonomic units and the quantification of evolutionarily relevant biodiversity. Aims: We studiedExpand