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Clash of Civilizations, or Realism and Liberalism Déjà Vu? Some Evidence
We assess the degree to which propositions from Samuel Huntington's The Clash of Civilizations and the Remaking of World Order can account for the incidence of militarized interstate disputes betweenExpand
Power in Global Governance
This edited volume examines power in its different dimensions in global governance. Scholars tend to underestimate the importance of power in international relations because of a failure to see itsExpand
Power Shifts, Economic Change and the Decline of the West?
  • M. Cox
  • Sociology
  • 29 November 2012
It has become the new truth of the early twenty-first century that the Western world we have known is fast losing its pre-eminence to be replaced by a new international system shaped either by theExpand
A Farewell to Arms?: From 'Long War' to Long Peace in Northern Ireland
The 1990s has been one of the most momentous of the entire post-war period. Nowhere more so than in Northern Ireland where a 30 year war finally and painfully began to wind down - starting in AugustExpand
Beyond the West: Terrors in Transatlantia
One of the least expected but most significant events of recent years is that which led to a profound crisis in the transatlantic relationship. The argument advanced here is that the split between aExpand
Bringing in the ‘international’: the IRA ceasefire and the end of the Cold War
This article argues that the IRA ceasefire of3l August 1994 represented a major turning-point in Irish history. However, it insists that the discussion about the ceasefire has thus far been tooExpand
Social Capital and Peace-Building : Creating and Resolving Conflict with Trust and Social Networks
  • M. Cox
  • Political Science
  • 3 November 2008
Introduction Michaelene Cox Part I. Social Capital as an Instrument of Violence 1. Shades of orange and green: Civil society and the peace process in Northern Ireland Roberto Belloni 2. Reporting theExpand
The Tragedy of American Diplomacy? Rethinking the Marshall Plan
Two British scholars reassess what they view as the decisive episode in the early Cold War, the Marshall Plan. Far from seeing the Plan as a mere act of generosity by the United States, they argueExpand
The rise of populism and the crisis of globalisation: Brexit, Trump and beyond
  • M. Cox
  • Political Science
  • 25 October 2017
This article is based on the author's keynote address at the annual conference of the International Affairs Standing Committee of the Royal Irish Academy, titled ‘Retreat from Globalisation? Brexit,Expand
A Farewell to Arms?: Beyond the Good Friday Agreement