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Families as systems.
In this chapter, we discuss theoretical and conceptual models that use an organismic or systems metaphor for understanding families. We suggest that such theories are important for stimulating newExpand
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The Relation of Kindergarten Classroom Environment to Teacher, Family, and School Characteristics and Child Outcomes
We observed 223 largely suburban or rural public school kindergarten classrooms in 3 states to describe classroom activities and child-teacher interactions involving 1 child per classroom. We alsoExpand
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Teachers’ judgments of problems in the transition to kindergarten
Abstract This article examined teachers’ judgments of the prevalence and types of problems children present upon entering kindergarten. A large, national sample of teachers (N = 3,595) was surveyedExpand
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Understanding Families as Systems
In this article, we discuss recent research that has arisen from theoretical and conceptual models that use a systems metaphor for understanding families. We suggest that research stimulated by suchExpand
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Kindergarten Teachers' Practices Related to the Transition to School: Results of a National Survey
A national sample of 3,595 kindergarten teachers reported on their use of 21 practices related to the transition of children into kindergarten in the 1996-1997 academic year and 15 barriers toExpand
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Trajectories of internalizing problems across childhood: Heterogeneity, external validity, and gender differences
Developmental psychopathology theory speaks to the existence of early-manifesting internalizing problems with a heterogeneous longitudinal course. However, the course of internalizing problems hasExpand
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Salivary cortisol mediates effects of poverty and parenting on executive functions in early childhood.
In a predominantly low-income population-based longitudinal sample of 1,292 children followed from birth, higher level of salivary cortisol assessed at ages 7, 15, and 24 months was uniquelyExpand
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Marital Perceptions and Interactions across the Transition to Parenthood
Observed interaction of couples during a problemsolving task and self-reports of spouses concerning their marriage were investigated before the birth of their first child and at 3, 12, and 24 monthsExpand
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Transition Practices: Findings from a National Survey of Kindergarten Teachers
designed to overcome the discontinuities that may disThe “ready school” movement is attempting to shift rupt children’s learning and development” (p. 9). Alnational attention away from children’sExpand
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Mother-infant vagal regulation in the face-to-face still-face paradigm is moderated by maternal sensitivity.
Parents' physiological regulation may support infants' regulation. Mothers (N= 152) and 6-month-old male and female infants were observed in normal and disrupted social interaction. Affect was codedExpand
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