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Self- and actin-templated assembly of Mammalian septins.
It is concluded that septin alone self-assemble into rings, that adaptor proteins recruit septins to actin bundles, and that sePTins help organize these bundles. Expand
Reassembly of contractile actin cortex in cell blebs
The Rho pathway was important for cortex assembly in blebs, and Ezrin played no role in actin nucleation, but was essential for tethering the membrane to the cortex. Expand
Probing Spindle Assembly Mechanisms with Monastrol, a Small Molecule Inhibitor of the Mitotic Kinesin, Eg5
It is found that monastrol does not inhibit progression through S and G2 phases of the cell cycle or centrosome duplication, and it does not prevent the targeting of Eg5 to the monoastral spindles that form. Expand
Actin-Dependent Propulsion of Endosomes and Lysosomes by Recruitment of N-Wasp✪
Endosomes and lysosomes from mammalian cells preferentially nucleated actin assembly and moved in the Xenopus egg extract system, defined as recruitment sites for the actin nucleation machinery and demonstrated that actinAssembly contributes to organelle movement. Expand
Life and times of a cellular bleb.
It is shown that bleb nucleation depends on pressure, membrane-cortex adhesion energy, and membrane tension, and is tested experimentally to find that retracting blebs are fivefold more rigid than expanding blebs, an increase entirely explained by the properties of the newly formed cortical actin mesh. Expand
Membrane Proteins of the Endoplasmic Reticulum Induce High-Curvature Tubules
Tubs made in vitro were narrower than normal ER tubules, due to a higher concentration of tubule-inducing proteins, and the shape and oligomerization of the “morphogenic” proteins could explain the formation of the tubular ER. Expand
Midbody assembly and its regulation during cytokinesis
The structural composition of the midbody changes during progression throughout cytokinesis, and how these assembly events are regulated is investigated, together with their functional implications. Expand
Characterization of anillin mutants reveals essential roles in septin localization and plasma membrane integrity
Anillin is a conserved component of the contractile ring that is essential for cytokinesis, and physically interacts with three conserved cleavage furrow proteins, F-actin, myosin II and septins inExpand
KIF4 Regulates Midzone Length during Cytokinesis
KIF4-mediated midzone length regulation appears to occur by terminating midzone elongation at a specific time during cytokinesis, making midzones and mitotic spindles differ in their dynamics and length-regulating mechanisms. Expand
Cell polarization during monopolar cytokinesis
It is proposed that feedback loops between cortical furrow components and microtubules promote symmetry breaking during monopolar cytokinesis and regional specialization of the cytoskeleton during normal bipolar cytokineis. Expand