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The energy emissions produced by the human being and their practical use
Nowadays the researches in the field of health preservation are an important objective in the medical domain. The fact that the human body works on electrochemical bases is also exploited in manyExpand
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Breakdown characteristics of MV distribution and electric traction lines insulators stressed by standard and short tail lightning impulses
The paper presents the results of experimental tests performed with impulse voltage with short tail (STLI: 1.2/4 mus) on composite insulators in use in the MV distribution lines and electric tractionExpand
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On the possibility of using weather forecast to predict corona losses
The paper presents an approach to predict corona power losses under rain based on numerical weather forecasting combined with geographic information system mapping of the overhead lines assets, andExpand
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The effect of the overall heat transfer coefficient variation on the optimal distribution of the heat transfer surface conductance or area in a Stirling engine
Abstract This study aims to assess for a Stirling engine the influence of the overall heat transfer coefficient variation on the optimum state and on the optimum distribution of the heat transferExpand
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In many papers, the good behavior in operation and benefits offered by a certain type of insulator, classic (toughened glass or porcelain) or composite (fiberglass core and silicone rubber) forExpand
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Power losses on overhead lines under various loading regimes and weather conditions
The paper will present the first results of an extended analysis based on synchronously recorded electrical and weather data, aimed to numerically evaluate the stochastic variation of transmissionExpand
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Comparaison entre le cycle simple de Brayton avec apport thermique imposé et avec contrainte de température maximale
Cet article presente une comparaison des resultats de deux modeles d'optimisation d'une installation thermique basee sur le cycle de Brayton ouvert. Les deux cas examines trouvent leur origine dansExpand
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The circuits of double-circuit transmission lines or two different lines with a common parallel path, influence each other by capacitive and inductive coupling, both if one of them operate normallyExpand
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The behavior of high voltage insulators during the up-and-down procedure
  • M. Costea, I. Băran
  • Materials Science
  • International Conference on ENERGY and…
  • 1 October 2017
Industrial tests of high voltage equipment insulation at impulse voltages are carried out following rigorously described procedures and require, as a rule, long time duration and, implicitly,Expand
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