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Dynamic tuning of the IEEE 802.11 protocol to achieve a theoretical throughput limit
A distributed algorithm is proposed that enables each station to tune its backoff algorithm at run-time and indicates that the capacity of the enhanced protocol is very close to the theoretical upper bound in all the configurations analyzed. Expand
Energy conservation in wireless sensor networks: A survey
This paper breaks down the energy consumption for the components of a typical sensor node, and discusses the main directions to energy conservation in WSNs, and presents a systematic and comprehensive taxonomy of the energy conservation schemes. Expand
Mobile ad hoc networking: imperatives and challenges
The important role that mobile ad hoc networks play in the evolution of future wireless technologies is explained and the latest research activities in these areas are reviewed, including a summary of MANETs characteristics, capabilities, applications, and design constraints. Expand
IEEE 802.11 protocol: design and performance evaluation of an adaptive backoff mechanism
Analytically study the performance of the IEEE 802.11 protocol with a dynamically tuned backoff based on the estimation of the network status and results indicate that the capacity of the enhanced protocol approaches the theoretical limits in all the configurations analyzed. Expand
Ad hoc Networking
Opportunistic networking: data forwarding in disconnected mobile ad hoc networks
The most interesting case studies related to opportunistic networking are surveyed and a taxonomy for the main routing and forwarding approaches in this challenging environment is discussed and organized. Expand
Mesh networks: commodity multihop ad hoc networks
A survey of the current state of the art in off-the-shelf and proprietary solutions to build wireless mesh networks and the challenges of designing a high-performance, scalable, and cost-effective wireless mesh network are addressed. Expand
Runtime optimization of IEEE 802.11 wireless LANs performance
A distributed mechanism for contention control in IEEE 802.11 wireless LANs, named asymptotically optimal backoff (AOB), dynamically adapts the backoff window size to the current network contention level and guarantees that an IEEE802.11 WLAN asymPTotically achieves its optimal channel utilization. Expand
Mobile ad hoc networking: milestones, challenges, and new research directions
This article discusses the evolution of the multihop ad hoc networking paradigm by building on the lessons learned from the IETF MANET research, and analyzes four successful networking paradigms, mesh, sensor, opportunistic, and vehicular networks, that emerged from the MANET world as a more pragmatic application. Expand
HiBOp: a History Based Routing Protocol for Opportunistic Networks
This paper proposes a context-based protocol (HiBOp), and compares it with popular solutions, i.e., Epidemic Routing and PROPHET, to show that HiBOp is able to drastically reduce resource consumption and preserves the performance in terms of message delay. Expand