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Coupled CO2 recovery from the atmosphere and water electrolysis: Feasibility of a new process for hydrogen storage
Methanol, synthesized from atmospheric CO2 and hydrogen, is a renewable fuel with most of the attractive properties of liquid fossil fuels. Absorption of CO2 from air with natural convection (i.e.Expand
Thermo-physical characterization of some paraffins used as phase change materials for thermal energy storage
Three phase change paraffinic materials (PCMs) were thermophysically (phase-transition temperatures, latent heat, heat capacity at constant pressure, density, and thermal conductivity) investigatedExpand
Instrumental neutron activation analysis of the hair of metallurgical workers
Hair samples were collected from 20 metallurgical workers (10 males and 10 females) and from 59 control subjects (32 males and 27 females), whose jobs do not indicate a specific occupationalExpand
Distribution of sialoglycoconjugates on the luminal surface of the endothelial cell in the fenestrated capillaries of the pancreas.
The distribution of FH on the endothelial surface demonstrated the existence of microdomains with various densities of sialoglycoconjugates oxidizable by sodium periodate and accessible to the tracer. Expand
Latent heat nano composite building materials
Abstract Heat storage for heating and cooling of buildings reduces the conventional energy consumption with a direct impact on CO 2 emissions. The goal of this study was to find the physico-chemicalExpand
Structural and physico-chemical characterization of some soda lime zinc alumino-silicate glasses
Abstract The physico-chemical characterization of the 15Na2O-20CaO-5Al2O3-(60-x)SiO2-xZnO glasses (where x stands for 0, 4, 7 and 10 wt.%), designed as Z(0/ 4 / 7/ 10) and obtained by quenchingExpand
On-line separation of short-lived tungsten isotopes from tantalum, hafnium and lutetium by adsorption on ion exchangers from aqueous ammonia solution
The title goal was achieved using a DOWEX 50Wx8 cation exchange column saturated with La(OH)3 and ammonia solution as eluent. Hf, Ta and Lu were adsorbed on this column, whereas W remained in theExpand
Unconventional experimental technologies available for phase change materials (PCM) characterization. Part 1. Thermophysical properties
The use of thermal energy storage by phase change materials (PCM) is increasing in interest for building applications. For the deployment of the technology, appropriate characterization of PCM andExpand
Unconventional experimental technologies used for phase change materials (PCM) characterization: part 2 – morphological and structural characterization, physico-chemical stability and mechanical
Due to the high interest of appropriate characterization of PCM and hybrid PCM composites, different research centres and universities are using several material characterization techniques notExpand
Production, chemical and isotopic separation of the178m2Hf high-spin isomer
The 178m2Hf with its long-lived (T1/2=31 y), high-spin Iπ = 16+, isomeric state, is a challenge for new and exotic nuclear physics studies. The 178m2Hf isomer has been produced in microweightExpand