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Effect of Wastewater Treatment Plant Effluent on Microbial Function and Community Structure in the Sediment of a Freshwater Stream with Variable Seasonal Flow
ABSTRACT We investigated the effects of wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) discharge on the ecology of bacterial communities in the sediment of a small, low-gradient stream in South Australia. TheExpand
Environmental flows for natural, hybrid and novel riverine ecosystems in a changing world
The term “environmental flows” describes the quantities, quality, and patterns of water flows required to sustain freshwater and estuarine ecosystems and the ecosystem services they provide.Expand
Restoration of an Ecosystem Function to Revegetation Communities: The Role of Invertebrate Macropores in Enhancing Soil Water Infiltration
Guidelines for revegetation in agricultural landscapes may not address restoration of ecosystem functions because management is focused on the replanting stage, although certain functions areExpand
Ecological assessment of estuarine sediments by pyrosequencing eukaryotic ribosomal DNA
Biodiversity assessment underpins our understanding of ecosystems and determines environmental management decisions on resource use and conservation priorities. Recently, a new discipline –Expand
A taxonomic revision of the oribatid mite genus Camisia (Acari: Oribatida)
Nine new species of Camisia are described from adult female material (C. dictyna sp. nov., C. grymae sp. nov., C. nortoni sp. nov., C. oregonae sp. nov., C. presbytis sp. nov., C. tryphosa sp. nov.Expand
Impacts of inundation and drought on eukaryote biodiversity in semi‐arid floodplain soils
Floodplain ecosystems are characterized by alternating wet and dry phases and periodic inundation defines their ecological character. Climate change, river regulation and the construction of leveesExpand
Dust mite allergens and asthma--a worldwide problem.
Cette etude generale aborde successivement l'epidemiologie, l'entomologie (taxonomie, physiologie, biologie et ecologie des acariens), les allergenes des acariens (identification et standardisation),Expand
The control of allergens of dust mites and domestic pets: a position paper
*Department of Zoology, University of Glasgow, Glasgow G12 8QQ, U.K.; ^Regional Department of Respiratory Medicine, East Birmingham Hospital, Bordesley Green East, Birmingham B9 5ST, U.K.; %Expand
Pictorial keys for the identification of domestic mites
The importance of pyroglyphid house dust mites in allergic respiratory diseases in many parts ofthe world is now established [ 1 -3], but the role of other anthropophilic mites inhabiting theExpand
Values, rules and knowledge: Adaptation as change in the decision context
We developed a framework to analyse the interactions between values, rules and knowledge and their influence on decision making and decision contexts of adaptation initiatives, and applied it retrospectively to three projects on adaptation to sea-level rise. Expand