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Widespread crown condition decline, food web disruption, and amplified tree mortality with increased climate change-type drought
Climate change is progressively increasing severe drought events in the Northern Hemisphere, causing regional tree die-off events and contributing to the global reduction of the carbon sinkExpand
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Trophic flows, ecosystem structure and fishing impacts in the South Catalan Sea, Northwestern Mediterranean
Abstract An exploited ecosystem from the continental shelf and upper slope of the Northwestern Mediterranean Sea was described by means of an Ecopath mass-balance model with the aim of characterisingExpand
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A Census of Marine Biodiversity Knowledge, Resources, and Future Challenges
The resources available for research are always limited. When setting priorities for research funding, governments, industry, and funding agencies must balance the demands of human health, foodExpand
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An ecological model of the Northern and Central Adriatic Sea: Analysis of ecosystem structure and fishing impacts
Abstract A trophic mass-balance model was developed to characterise the food web structure and functioning of the Northern and Central Adriatic Sea and to quantify the ecosystem impacts of fishingExpand
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Novel index for quantification of ecosystem effects of fishing as removal of secondary production
Exploited ecosystems are characterised by exports of secondary production from each fished trophic level that reduce the energy available for upper levels at the ecosystem scale, thus impinging onExpand
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Management Effectiveness of the World's Marine Fisheries
A global analysis shows that fishery management worldwide is lagging far behind international standards, and that the conversion of scientific advice into policy, through a participatory andExpand
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An inverse latitudinal gradient in speciation rate for marine fishes
Far more species of organisms are found in the tropics than in temperate and polar regions, but the evolutionary and ecological causes of this pattern remain controversial1,2. Tropical marine fishExpand
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Ecosystem Overfishing in the Ocean
Fisheries catches represent a net export of mass and energy that can no longer be used by trophic levels higher than those fished. Thus, exploitation implies a depletion of secondary production ofExpand
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Invading the Mediterranean Sea: biodiversity patterns shaped by human activities
Human activities, such as shipping, aquaculture, and the opening of the Suez Canal, have led to the introduction of nearly 1,000 alien species into the Mediterranean Sea. We investigated how humanExpand
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Contributions of food web modelling to the ecosystem approach to marine resource management in the Mediterranean Sea
Ecological modelling tools are applied worldwide to support the ecosystem-based approach of marine resources (EAM). In the last decades, numerous applications were attempted in the Mediterranean Sea,Expand
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