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The Role of Patience in Arguments About Vaccine Science
We value dialogue deeply. In public disagreements over science, however, ideals like “parsimony” and “objectivity” can create false justification for refusing dialogue. We impatiently proclaim theExpand
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Bots, Social Capital, and the Need for Civility
ABSTRACT Politicians, hate groups, counterpublics of science, and even socially-minded critics use bots to pad their numbers, spread information, and engage in social critique. This article pursuesExpand
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Connecting Integrity, Respect, and Ethical Disagreement in Darwin and Dawkins
In public debates there are occasions on which persons might feel obligated to show disrespect in order to preserve integrity. In some public discourses (like those between evolutionists andExpand
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Machinic rhetorics and the influential movements of robots
ABSTRACT From spiritual vehicles, channeling the miracle of Christ, to science incarnate, operating beyond human interest, machines can communicate. Building from literatures on posthuman performanceExpand
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