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Translating the Statistical Representation of the Effects of Education Interventions Into More Readily Interpretable Forms
Decisions Systems & Solutions to develop a report that assists with the translation of effect size statistics into more readily interpretable forms for practitioners, policymakers, and researchers.Expand
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Critical Race Theory and Education: A Marxist Response
Critical Legal Studies and the Origins of Critical Race Theory White Supremacy and Racism Social Class and Racialization The Strengths of CRT CRT and Educational Theory in the US 'Race' andExpand
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‘Brutal and stinking’ and ‘difficult to handle’: the historical and contemporary manifestations of racialisation, institutional racism, and schooling in Britain
In this paper, I begin by challenging the British Home Secretary's (David Blunkett) denial of the existence of institutional racism in Britain. While recognising the significance of Macpherson'sExpand
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Marxism and Educational Theory: Origins and Issues
Introduction 1. The Development of Marxist Theory 2. The Development of Postmodernist Theory 3. The Sociological Context: The Place of Marxism and Postmodernism in Educational Theory 4.Expand
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A Plethora of ‘suitable enemies’: British racism at the dawn of the twenty-first century1
Abstract In this article, I begin by looking at older forms of British racism before addressing myself to some newer forms – anti-asylum-seeker racism, xeno-racism and Islamophobia. I argue that inExpand
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Might It Be in the Practice that It Fails to Succeed? A Marxist Critique of Claims for Postmodernism and Poststructuralism as Forces for Social Change and Social Justice
In this paper I begin by taking a brief glimpse at the current state of global capitalism. I then look at attempts in Britain and the US to argue the case, within educational theory, thatExpand
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Critical race theory in education, Marxism and abstract racial domination
In the context of the ongoing debate between critical race theory (CRT) and Marxism, I begin in this paper by examining the origins of CRT in Critical Legal Studies (CLS) in the United States. I goExpand
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Speaking to Read
This meta-analysis examines the effectiveness of a group of instructional approaches (i.e., cooperative, collaborative, and peer tutoring) at improving literacy outcomes for English languageExpand
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The Color-Line and the Class Struggle: A Marxist Response to Critical Race Theory in Education as it Arrives in the United Kingdom
In this article the author begins by noting that the arrival of critical race theory (CRT) in education in the United Kingdom is fairly recent. Next, with respect to racist inequalities in the UKExpand
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Critical Race Theory comes to the UK
On 20 November 2006, the first ever international Critical Race Theory (CRT) seminar in the UK took place at the Education and Social Research Institute at Manchester Metropolitan University. CRT isExpand
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