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Studies of bipolar nebulae. VI - Optical spectrophotometric mapping of GL 2688 /the Cygnus EGG Nebula/
Optical scanner spectra are presented for ten positions in the lobes of GL 2688. Color gradients exist across the nebulae, probably due to systematic variations in the sizes of typical scatteringExpand
A dual-standard for radar echo measurements
A description is given of a corner-sphere, an aluminum sphere with an excised octant, which serves as a dual-standard echoing body. Its measured and calculated echo patterns are shown. An opticalExpand
The dentition of Abraham's people. Why Abraham left Mesopotamia.
Ancient Mesopotamia (southern Iraq) in 2000 B.C. was the home of the biblical figure Abraham and his people. An analysis of skeletal material from cemeteries in the ancient cities of Ur (birthplaceExpand
Approach guidance planet tracker.
Working breadboard model of planet tracker under various illuminating conditions, discussing hardware and closed loop tracking error analysis accounting for signal to noise effects