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Tropical forests were the primary sources of new agricultural land in the 1980s and 1990s
Global demand for agricultural products such as food, feed, and fuel is now a major driver of cropland and pasture expansion across much of the developing world. Whether these new agricultural landsExpand
A Similarity Measure Based on Species Proportions
ABSTRACT There are several indices for measuring the similarity of two populations, including the ratio of the number of shared species to the number of distinct species (Jaccard's index) and theExpand
Stable Isotope Turnover and Half-Life in Animal Tissues: A Literature Synthesis
Stable isotopes of carbon, nitrogen, and sulfur are used as ecological tracers for a variety of applications, such as studies of animal migrations, energy sources, and food web pathways. YetExpand
Human influence on California fire regimes.
Periodic wildfire maintains the integrity and species composition of many ecosystems, including the mediterranean-climate shrublands of California. However, human activities alter natural fireExpand
Mapping Soil Test Phosphorus and Potassium for Variable‐Rate Fertilizer Application
Variable-rate fertilizer (VRF) application requires knowledge of the spatial variability of soil test P and K within a field. The objectives of the study were to: (i) evaluate cell (area) vs. pointExpand
Predicting spatial patterns of fire on a southern California landscape
Humans influence the frequency and spatial pattern of fire and contribute to altered fire regimes, but fuel loading is often the only factor considered when planning management activities to reduceExpand
Historical forest baselines reveal potential for continued carbon sequestration
One-third of net CO2 emissions to the atmosphere since 1850 are the result of land-use change, primarily from the clearing of forests for timber and agriculture, but quantifying these changes isExpand
Legacies of historical land use on regional forest composition and structure in Wisconsin, USA (mid-1800s-1930s-2000s).
Historical land use can influence forest species composition and structure for centuries after direct use has ceased. In Wisconsin, USA, Euro-American settlement in the mid- to late 1800s wasExpand
Human and biophysical influences on fire occurrence in the United States.
National-scale analyses of fire occurrence are needed to prioritize fire policy and management activities across the United States. However, the drivers of national-scale patterns of fire occurrenceExpand
Distribution of littoral fishes in structurally complex macrophytes
By considering patchiness in the littoral vegetation, we were able to distinguish within-lake distributions among species and between young-of-the-year and yearling-and-older fishes. We characterizedExpand