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In Search of Human Nature
Introduction 1. Questioning the Scientized Image 2. Why we Primates are not 'Game Theorists' 3. The Selecting of Homo Sapiens 4. Brain Matters 5. A Thirst for Meaning 6. How Experience Shapes theExpand
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The GLBT Health Access Project: a state-funded effort to improve access to care.
The Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender (GLBT) Health Access Project is a unique public-private collaboration working to eliminate barriers to health care for the GLBT community, fosterExpand
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Regional Public Health Emergency Preparedness: The Experience of Massachusetts Region 4b
Historically, local public health in Massachusetts has been largely decentralized, with each town responsible for providing local public health services. After 9/11, the Massachusetts Department ofExpand
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Rethinking the Curriculum: Toward an Integrated, Interdisciplinary College Education
Preface Introduction by Mary E. Clark and Sandra A. Wawrytko Making the Connections: The Search for Our Common Humanity by Ernest L. Boyer Assumptions About the "Progress" of KnowledgeExpand
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Is There a Double Standard of Aging?1
Elderly and college-aged subjects rated photographs of both sexes at three different ages on 10 adjective rating scales. Evidence for a double standard of aging was obtained. Although both men andExpand
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Effects of cell design on electrochemical measurements in submicroliter volumes
Abstract We describe cells of various geometries for electrochemical measurements in submicroliter volumes. Three microelectrodes are embedded in a fluoropolymer, and the drop of solution to beExpand
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High range resolution techniques for ballistic missile targets
Conventional techniques for target discrimination, by high resolution, show severe disadvantages when faced with ballistic missiles. High range resolution (HRR), for example, usually applies to aExpand
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