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Quantum spin Hall state in monolayer 1T'-WTe2
A combination of photoemission and scanning tunnelling spectroscopy measurements provide compelling evidence that single layers of 1T'-WTe2 are a class of quantum spin Hall insulator. A quantum spin
Correlated electronic phases in twisted bilayer transition metal dichalcogenides
The observation of tunable collective phases in a simple band, which hosts only two holes per unit cell at full filling, establishes twisted bilayer transition metal dichalcogenides as an ideal platform to study correlated physics in two dimensions on a triangular lattice.
Effects of magnetic doping on weak antilocalization in narrow Bi2Se3 nanoribbons.
Low-temperature, magnetotransport measurements of ferrocene-doped Bi(2)Se(3) nanoribbons grown by vapor-liquid-solid method show the emergence of weak localization in ferrocenes as an effective magnetic dopant source.
Dynamic nuclear spin polarization in the resonant laser excitation of an InGaAs quantum dot.
The results provide evidence for the significance of noncollinear hyperfine processes not only for nuclear spin diffusion and decay, but also for buildup dynamics of nuclear spin polarization in a coupled electron-nuclear spin system.
Magic continuum in twisted bilayer WSe2
Emergent quantum phases driven by electronic interactions can manifest in materials with narrowly dispersing, i.e. "flat", energy bands. Recently, flat bands have been realized in a variety of
Position-Momentum Duality and Fractional Quantum Hall Effect in Chern Insulators.
A novel broad class of ideal Chern insulator lattice models that act as duals of the isotropic FQH effect are presented, which affords a detailed microscopic understanding of the interplay of interactions and nontrivial quantum geometry.
Band structure engineering of ideal fractional Chern insulators
As lattice analogs of fractional quantum Hall systems, fractional Chern insulators (FCIs) exhibit enigmatic physical properties resulting from the intricate interplay between single-body and
One-dimensional flat bands in twisted bilayer germanium selenide
It is demonstrated by combining large scale ab initio simulations with numerically exact strong correlation approaches that an effective one-dimensional system emerges upon stacking two twisted sheets of GeSe, in marked contrast to all moiré systems studied so far.
Theory of Floquet band formation and local pseudospin textures in pump-probe photoemission of graphene.
It is predicted that short optical pulses attainable in experiments can lead to local spectral gaps and novel pseudospin textures in graphene by identifying new states with optically induced nontrivial changes of sublattice mixing that leads to Berry curvature corrections of electrical transport and magnetization.
All-optical materials design of chiral edge modes in transition-metal dichalcogenides
An ab initio strategy to understand non-equilibrium Floquet–Bloch bands and topological transitions is developed, and it is illustrated for WS2 that control of chiral edge modes can be dictated solely from symmetry principles and is not qualitatively sensitive to microscopic materials details.