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The Accuracy of the Alpha Defensin Lateral Flow Device for Diagnosis of Periprosthetic Joint Infection: Comparison with a Gold Standard
Background: Alpha defensin is a new biomarker that has been shown to have a very high accuracy to rule out periprosthetic joint infection. Recently, a new rapid lateral flow version of the alphaExpand
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Effect of tibial slope on the stability of the anterior cruciate ligament–deficient knee
PurposeWe aimed to quantify the effect of changes in tibial slope on the magnitude of anterior tibial translation (ATT) in the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL)-deficient knee during the Lachman andExpand
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Impact of locomotion training with a neurologic controlled hybrid assistive limb (HAL) exoskeleton on neuropathic pain and health related quality of life (HRQoL) in chronic SCI: a case study*
Abstract Chronic neuropathic pain (CNP) is a common condition associated with spinal cord injury (SCI) and has been reported to be severe, disabling and often treatment-resistant and thereforeExpand
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Risk Factors for Heterotopic Ossification in Patients With Spinal Cord Injury: A Case-Control Study of 264 Patients
Study Design. Case-control study. Objective. We designed a case-control study to analyze the risk factors associated with the development of heterotopic ossification (HO) in patients with traumaticExpand
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Navigated femoral anteversion measurements: a new intraoperative technique.
AIM To evaluate and compare the accuracy of using the femoral neck axis and the greater trochanter with navigation to determine femoral anteversion. METHODS Eight human femora with midshaftExpand
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Eleven-year results of the anatomic coated CFP stem in primary total hip arthroplasty.
There is a paucity of intermediate term results relating to short stem prostheses. The current study represents the longest follow-up results of the CFP prosthesis to the authors' best knowledge.Expand
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Accuracy of navigated surgery of the pelvis after surface matching with an a‐mode ultrasound probe
Computer‐aided surgery (CAS) allows for real‐time intraoperative feedback resulting in increased accuracy, while reducing intraoperative radiation. CAS is especially useful for the treatment ofExpand
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Evaluating the microbial pattern of periprosthetic joint infections of the hip and knee
Purpose. Periprosthetic joint infection (PJI) is a devastating complication that leads to enormous economic and health care complaints from affected patients. The aim of this study is to identify theExpand
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Rotational stability of femoral osteosynthesis in femoral fractures - navigated measurements.
Rotational malalignment after intramedullary nailing of femoral fractures is common, and symptoms occur when malrotation reaches 15 degrees . Intraoperative measurement of rotation remains difficult,Expand
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The influence of a weight-bearing platform on the mechanical behavior of two Ilizarov ring fixators: tensioned wires vs. half-pins
BackgroundA weight-bearing platform applied at the distal end of an Ilizarov external frame allows patients with hindfoot transfixations, foot deformities or plantar skin lesions to bear weight. ThisExpand
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