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Estimates of in vivo insulin action in man: comparison of insulin tolerance tests with euglycemic and hyperglycemic glucose clamp studies.
We compared estimates of in vivo insulin action derived from insulin tolerance tests (ITT) and euglycemic and hyperglycemic glucose clamp studies in 17 normal subjects and 19 patients with variousExpand
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Extensive screening for occult malignant disease in idiopathic venous thromboembolism: a prospective randomized clinical trial
Summary.  Patients with symptomatic idiopathic venous thromboembolism and apparently cancer‐free have an approximate 10% incidence of subsequent cancer. Apparently cancer‐free patients with acuteExpand
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Visceral fat accumulation and its relation to plasma hemostatic factors in healthy men.
The associations between abdominal visceral fat and the plasma hemostatic system were examined in 38-year-old healthy men (n=52) with a wide range of fatness and fat distribution. Plasma hemostaticExpand
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Fat distribution in European women: a comparison of anthropometric measurements in relation to cardiovascular risk factors.
In this study in 437 women born in 1948 selected from five European towns we show that several anthropometric measurements are consistently and significantly associated with a metabolic risk profileExpand
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The white blood cell count: its relationship to plasma insulin and other cardiovascular risk factors in healthy male individuals
Targher G, Seidell JC, Tonoli M, Muggeo M, De Sandre G, Cigolini M (Division of Endocrinology and Metabolic Diseases, Institute of Clinical Medicine, University of Verona, Italy; and Department ofExpand
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Body fat distribution in relation to physical activity and smoking habits in 38-year-old European men. The European Fat Distribution Study.
The authors studied 512 European men all born in 1950 from six different towns in the period October 1988 to May 1989. Anthropometric measurements were taken, including weight, height, andExpand
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Liver steatosis and its relation to plasma haemostatic factors in apparently healthy men--role of the metabolic syndrome.
The relationship between liver steatosis, evaluated by ultrasonography, and various plasma haemostatic factors was examined in 64 apparently healthy males, aged 38 years. Plasma levels of factor VIIExpand
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Expression of plasminogen activator inhibitor-1 in human adipose tissue: a role for TNF-alpha?
Elevated plasminogen activator inhibitor-1 (PAI-1) plasma levels, responsible for reduced fibrinolysis, are associated with animal and human obesity and with increased cardiovascular disease. TheExpand
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Influence of metformin on metabolic effect of insulin in human adipose tissue in vitro.
To study the mechanism(s) of action of metformin, fragments of human subcutaneous adipose tissue were incubated with therapeutic blood concentrations of metformin. In the absence of insulin no effectExpand
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Hyperuricaemia: relationships to body fat distribution and other components of the insulin resistance syndrome in 38-year-old healthy men and women.
The aim of this work was to evaluate whether hyperuricaemia correlates with the cluster of metabolic and haemodynamic disorders closely associated with insulin resistance syndrome (IRS) in youngExpand
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