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New aspects in the biological role of zinc: a stabilizer of macromolecules and biological membranes.
  • M. Chvapil
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • Life sciences
  • 16 October 1973
A personal and admittedly incomplete view of the latter aspect of the role of zinc in the stability of macromolecules, particularly the components of various biological membranes is presented. Expand
Biological effects of residual glutaraldehyde in glutaraldehyde-tanned collagen biomaterials.
Observations indicate that leaching of the glutaraldehyde from glutARaldehyde-tanned collagen sponge is sufficient to produce potentially adverse cellular effects both in vivo and in vitro. Expand
Perivascular myofibroblasts and microvascular occlusion in hypertrophic scars and keloids.
The observed extent of microvascular occlusion supports a previously published theory that hypoxia is involved in the generation of hypertrophic scar and is greater in nonpatent vessels than in patent vessels. Expand
Influence of shock waves on fracture healing.
The influence of shock waves on fracture healing was studied in rats and with fractioned shock-wave treatment (5 times 100 shock waves at 14 or 18 kV) an enhancement in healing could be achieved. Expand
Enhancement of re-epithelialization with topical zinc oxide in porcine partial-thickness wounds.
It is shown that topical zinc oxide enhances re-epithelialization of partial-thickness wounds in nutritionally balanced pigs and that the mode of delivery of zinc is probably critical for achieving the beneficial healing effect of zinc. Expand
Effect of shock waves on the healing of partial-thickness wounds in piglets.
The stimulating effect of low-energy shock waves coincides with significantly increased vascularization of the upper dermis and thicker layer of the newly formed epithelial cells covering the wound. Expand
Identification of the Depth of Burn Injury by Collagen Stainability
It is concluded that the change in collagen stainability from blue to red relates to the loss of crystallinity or parallel alignment of the collagen fibers in heat-denatured collagen in burned skin. Expand
Effect of zinc on cells and biomembranes.
  • M. Chvapil
  • Medicine
  • The Medical clinics of North America
  • 1976
Influence of alcohols and potassium salts of xanthogenic acids on various biological objects.