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Medicinal plants with potential anti-arthritic activity
This review presents the plants profiles inhabiting throughout the world regarding their traditional usage by various tribes/ethnic groups for treatment of arthritis and indicates that list of medicinal plants presented in this review might be useful to researchers as well as practioners.
Hypoglycemic potential of alcoholic root extract of Cassia occidentalis Linn. in streptozotocin induced diabetes in albino mice
The results suggest that ethanolic roots extract of C. occidentalis Linn possesses hypoglycemic potential for the NIDDM and support the traditional use of the roots of plant as Hypoglycemic agent.
Summary Cassia tora Linn. (Caesalpinaceae) is a well known oriental herb or undershrub, found as a rainy season weed throughout India. Traditionally, the whole plant as well as specific parts such as
Gastric antisecretory and cytoprotective effects of hydroalcoholic extracts of Plumeria alba Linn. leaves in rats.
Some hydroalcoholic extract of Plumeria alba L. displays antiulcer activity, as demonstrated by the significant inhibition of ulcer formation induced by different models, which is consistent with the literature report in folk medicine.
Phytochemical and Pharmacological activity of Genus Plumeria: An updated review
The article highlights the historical findings and present medicinal status of these plants with their potential to be used in the field of drug development in future.
QSAR Rationales for the 5-HT2A Receptor Antagonistic Activity of 2-Alkyl-4- aryl-Pyrimidine Fused Heterocycles.
The 5-HT2A receptor binding affinities of the 2-alkyl-4-aryl-pyrimidine fused heterocycles have been quantitatively expressed in terms of topological and molecular features. The analysis revealed
Antifertility potential of the ethanolic extract of Caesalpinia pulcherrima Linn. leaves
The results suggest that ethanolic extract of C. pulcherrima leaves possess significant antifertility activity, therefore, justifying the traditional use of this plant in fertility regulation.
Anti-arthritic activity of Barleria prionitis Linn. leaves in acute and chronic models in Sprague Dawley rats
Abstract Aim The present investigation was designed to evaluate anti-arthritic potential of ethyl acetate fractions of chloroform extract from leaves of Barleria prionitis . Materials and methods
Investigation of Antiarthritic Potential of Plumeria alba L. Leaves in Acute and Chronic Models of Arthritis
The present study suggests that Plumeria alba L.Alba has protective activity against arthritis and supports the traditional use of P. alba for rheumatism and other inflammatory diseases.
Bioinformatics: A rational combine approach used for the identification and in-vitro activity evaluation of potent β-Glucuronidase inhibitors
The combined in-silico and in-vitro results revealed that the binding pattern analysis of the eleven potent inhibitors, showed almost similar non-covalent interactions, as observed in case of the validated pharmacophore model.