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Agreement of Self-Reported and Genital Measures of Sexual Arousal in Men and Women: A Meta-Analysis
The assessment of sexual arousal in men and women informs theoretical studies of human sexuality and provides a method to assess and evaluate the treatment of sexual dysfunctions and paraphilias.Expand
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A Sex Difference in the Specificity of Sexual Arousal
Sexual arousal is category-specific in men; heterosexual men are more aroused by female than by male sexual stimuli, whereas homosexual men show the opposite pattern. There is reason to believe thatExpand
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Gender and sexual orientation differences in sexual response to sexual activities versus gender of actors in sexual films.
In this study, the authors investigated the hypothesis that women's sexual orientation and sexual responses in the laboratory correlate less highly than do men's because women respond primarily toExpand
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A brief review and discussion of sex differences in the specificity of sexual arousal
Sex differences in human sexuality are plentiful and include physical, psychological, and psychophysiological variations (Geary, 1998). Examples include masturbation frequency (Oliver & Hyde, 1993),Expand
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A sex difference in features that elicit genital response
Previous research suggests that women's genital arousal is an automatic response to sexual stimuli, whereas men's genital arousal is dependent upon stimulus features specific to their sexualExpand
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A Critical Review of Recent Biological Research on Human Sexual Orientation
Abstract This article provides a comprehensive review and critique of biological research on sexual orientation published over the last decade. We cover research investigating (a) the neurohormonalExpand
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Sex Differences in Patterns of Genital Sexual Arousal: Measurement Artifacts or True Phenomena?
Sex differences in patterns of sexual arousal have been reported recently. Men’s genital arousal is typically more category-specific than women’s, such that men experience their greatest genitalExpand
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Sexual Arousal Patterns of Bisexual Men
There has long been controversy about whether bisexual men are substantially sexually aroused by both sexes. We investigated genital and self-reported sexual arousal to male and female sexual stimuliExpand
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Physiology of women's sexual function: basic knowledge and new findings.
INTRODUCTION Data concerning the physiology of female sexual functioning are still obtained from animal studies, but an increasing amount of novel evidence comes from human studies. AIM To gainExpand
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Psychosexual distress in women with gynecologic cancer: a feasibility study of an online support group
The psychosexual concerns of gynecologic cancer patients are often unaddressed and there are limited resources available for women to deal with this highly sensitive topic. This feasibility studyExpand
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